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Take a look at your eyeglass prescription. We will need some extra information to make your lenses! 

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prescription oval glasses
oval-frame custom glasses
prescription oval-frame glasses
prescription oval coffee glasses
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* The estimated production time for these frames is ~ 14 days.


About this model

Miley reminds us of dandier times when cravats were an everyday accessory. These frames are handcrafted from coffee by-products and are totally black. Like all Ochis frames, Miley is handcrafted from coffee by-products, which means it’s biodegradable, sustainable, and plastic-free.

The default frame comes with clear lenses, which you can replace according to your prescription.

Frame width — 137mm (5.39“), temple length — 135mm (5.31“), distance between lenses — 23mm (0.9“), frame height — 40mm (1.57“).
What's Included
              • a pair of glasses (including lenses);
• a solid coffee case;
• a lens cloth.
               Delivery time

We deliver Ochis within a waiting period of 2 to 5 days using DHL services. Glasses with prescription lenses take extra 2 to 5 days to be installed.

Delivery area

We deliver Ochis worldwide with a few exceptions. Unfortunately, we can’t deliver to these countries and areas.


The delivery price varies depending on the area you live in. It will be calculated when you fill in your delivery address. We have an honest 50/50 deal — the delivery price you see at checkout is half of the usual one. The price of Ochis doesn’t include taxes. Taxes are determined by the delivery country and are assessed differently everywhere, so make sure to check your country’s regulations.


Your delivery tracking number will be sent to you in a Shipping Confirmation email once your order is ready. You will be able to follow your package’s journey through DHL tracking services. All shipments are made from Kyiv, Ukraine. You can read more about our Orders, Payment & Delivery.

Our Technology

Ochis are handcrafted through 39 different processes. The frames are extremely lightweight, making the glasses nearly unnoticeable on your face.

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